Monday, January 09, 2006

my hands and your sleep دستان من و خواب شما

برای کسانی که دچار بیخوابی هستند: اگر دست من به شما برسه! به خواب خواهید رفت!
این هم یک آگهی جالب برای خودم!
بله تجربه ی 30 ساله نشان داده است که اگر شمارا ماساژ بدهم به خواب خواهید رفت
اگر شک دارید ازمایش کنید!
فقط با وقت قبلی لطفا

A new 'ad' for my own hands! WHy not? when i can afford to ad here!
Yes, my 30 years of practicing massage has proven that if i massage you, you will fall sleep.
Doubt it? try it!
With prior appointments only

نقش هایی برای مراقبهMeditative Mandala Gallery

Sunday, January 01, 2006

New year, new blog, old 'customer' = سال نو، وبلاگ نو، مشتری قدیم!

این وبلاگ مخصوص آگاهی ها و آگهی های غیرتجاری و تجاری است.
خواندن آن برای عموم آزاد است و دادن آگهی در آن بر اساس توافق دوجانبه است.
This weblog is for advertizements and advices we may have for each other.
Reading it is free for all, placing ads in it is for members only.
Terms of membership is mutually agreed upon.

بعنوان اولین عضو و طبق توافق با خودم آگهی/آگاهی زیر را به زبان انگلیسی به آگاهی شما می رسانم و شاید هم روزی آن را برای فارسی زبان های عزیز ترجمه کنم/ شاد باشیم
اگر کسی را می شناسید که نیاز به معرفی کالا یا خدمات خود دارد معرفی اش کنید به اینجا....

سال خوبی داشته باشیم
As the first member, and according to my previous agreement with myself, i place this ad for your kind attention and see what happens! If you know anyone wishing to introduce his/her goods and services, please link us together! Be Happy, have a wonderful journey in 2006

Jay Meher Baba

In Baba's love and at His service,
“following His conditions”…

7*24 Seva (services) for all:

1. Silent zone, open for all, every day, 3-5 pm with live and recorded poetry and music. Musicians are welcomed with their instruments. Refreshments served. Bring your own poetry books, cameras, water and snacks.

2. Zone-therapy treatment, 30 years of experience, with fresh Aloe Vera plant, natural crystals and Ayurvedic oils.

3. Emotional counseling and healing : “from hatred to love”: for all ages and professions, individual sessions and group workshops, specially recommended for psychotherapists and those involved in any kinds of therapy.

4. Instructional training programs in self-development, yoga and zen. Designed for individuals and groups, according to the age.

5. Persian Language sessions, with poems of Molanas Rumi and Hafez used as text books.

6. Baby sitting for all ages, in a loving learning environment.

7. Home-made health food for bodymindsoul. Satvic (pure), highly nutritious and balanced food and drink preparations for groups and individuals, all ages and tastes.

8. Multilingual translation services.

9. Computer facilities, broadband internet connection, land and mobile phone facilities, ...

Call Mohsen 0091 93 700 59 777

Home = 0091-241-2548-326

All visits by appointments, PLEASE!